The first leaves change color, smell of wet leaves, and the temperature drops: visible signs that autumn is entering our garden. This is the right time to take important precautions to ensure that our garden continues to provide us with well-being into the year ahead.

We begin with autumn pruning: we rid the trees and shrubs of the dry branches before the night frosts arrive. This will encourage growth and budding in the spring. We should also prune our fence to ensure our plants grow more vigorously in spring.

Not all plants can overwinter outside so we carry them inside the house or wrap them with special anti-frost hoods to protect them from Frost.

We protect the taps and the water supply valve. Close the valve, empty the line of the remaining water using the drain valve and keep the valve closed from autumn.

Finally, early flowering plants should be put into the ground. Typical autumn plantings for the garden and balcony include tulips, daffodils, succulents, as well as crocuses. We plant the bulbs before the first frost so that they have enough time to take root. The longer the hibernation for early flowering plants, the better.

In autumn, we can lay the foundation for the garden to reward us with the fruits of this coming year. However, autumn colors and nature’s” gifts ” in the form of leaves or pine cones also offer plenty of inspiration for decorating ideas.

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